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Reviews and Recommendations

From Mrs I Martin - Secretary of The Burnhams WEA Branch in Norfolk with reference to my course Wildlife Habitats in Britain - A letter to WEA Norwich Office

Please forward this report of exceptional high praise to the relevant department, to go on record and for further recommendation. It refers to David Horsley’s outstanding 10 week course delivery on: Take a Closer Look at Wildlife Habitats.

As Branch Secretary I see it as my duty, in this case, to give additional feedback to the already existing questionnaire forms recently returned. With exceptional high praise being voiced during the course and continuing to be so several weeks after, I feel it my duty to bring that amount of praise to greater attention. Especially when, for various reasons (mainly a touch of laziness over form-filling), the unprecedented degree of quality may not have been adequately reflected in the provided questionnaires at the end of the course and particularly when a new tutor comes onto the scene and has given a superb performance to WEA learners.

His art in the delivery of such a broad subject course as ‘Wildlife and Habitats’ is his ability to make an academically structured course model accessible to differing levels of existing knowledge or capacity for new learning in his layperson-student mix sitting before him.

David Horsley, competently juggling these levels, getting the balance right, allowing his passion for the subject to through by an unsurpassed competence in multi-media presentation skills, thoroughly amazing his audience. All of them mature and experienced WEA learners who were often left speechless with delight at the marvels of sound and vision presented to them.
After the course had ended, David Brown, our Chairman, also expressed his own high opinion of the course and collectively that of the learner group, with many of them saying openly that the quality of the photography and sound simply blew them away. Culminating in the statement of: the best course ever

From Mrs A Carpenter, Secretary of the WyNG ( WyNG is the Wymondham local group of Norfolk Wildlife Trust)

Dear Dave,
I am writing to thank you for the very interesting talk about  "North Norfolk Heaths"  that you gave to WyNG, the Wymondham Branch of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, on Thursday 13th March 2014.

Members of the group found your presentation most entertaining and enjoyable and they were very interested in the details you gave us about Salthouse, Kelling and Holt Lowes. The pictures you showed us and your descriptions of these interesting habitats were excellent and provided a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all of us. 

Thank you once again for giving  us such an interesting evening and for sharing your considerable knowledge and expertise with the group.

Yours Sincerely,

Ann Carpenter,
Secretary, WyNG.