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1st acid aggression albatross aquatic arctic autumn azores bee-eater behaviour bird bird,alpine,chough, birdsong black-browed blue booted boreal boreal_forest bunting camouflage chaffinch change cirl cley climate cone-feeder conservation coquet coto_donana courtship crossbill curlew diver eagle endemic eurasian european fast-flowing feeding finland fishing flight forest france, freshwater game glossy great grey grouse hebrides hippolais hunting ibis indicator irruptive island italy jay juvenile la_brenne lagopus lek little loon male marsh mating mechanism melodious migrant migration moor mountain mountain, norfolk north northern owl parrot phalarope poland predator puffin pyrenees race rain raptor rare red roller rook rose-coloured roseate sandeels scotland scotticus sea seabird selection sexual shooting shrike siberian singing spain species starling streams taiga tern territoriality territory tit two-barred underside upland vagrant wader wagtail warbler wetland white-tailed wilson's winter young
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