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David Horsley

Wildlife Lectures & Photography

Wildlife Links

Specifically related to Norfolk

  • Norfolk Wildlife Trust The county wildlife trust. many of its reserves can be venues for guided walks
  • Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society. The senior natural history society for the county. Get details of county recorders for all groups. Some very helpful identification pages
  • Norfolk Gazeteer. Find the 1km grid square in which a particular place or site is found (the names of settlements, civil parishes, farms, roads, rivers and many other features. The majority of unnamed features such as gravel pits, springs, fords, weirs and windmills are also listed) Then go to the Ordnance Survey site to get the exact grid reference and a map. Very useful for recording off your usual patch
  • Nick Acheson's wonderful blog Comparethemarshtit.com
  • Jonathan Lewis. Wildlife Photography and courses

Guided Walks Nationally

  • Project Fred. We offer relaxed guided wildlife walks in and around the New Forest. All walks are at a leisurely pace with frequent stops to identify wildlife. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed with an emphasis on learning. While the walks are aimed at adults, older children with a keen interest in wildlife are welcome. We look at all aspects of natural history, but focus mainly on the birds in winter.