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David Horsley

Wildlife Lectures & Photography

I offer a wide range of lectures, many of which can be tailored to suite specific requirements. All are multimedia presentations. I supply my own projector, screen and sound system. All are illustrated almost exclusively by my own images and video. The talks therefore are very much my own account of the lecture topics.

I do not have a lecture fee, Instead I would ask that £40 be donated to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Click on the general topic areas below to be taken to the lecture list for that topic. More detail can be found there.


Zonation on a rocky shore Habitats in Britain Sacsayhuaman CuscoCa South America Buttercup steleBiological Topics related to Wildlife

Col de Pau PyreneesEuropean Topics

Vapour trails occludingEnvironmental

Common DolphinIndividual Groups


Antarctica Falklands and the Subantarctic Islands Caribbean