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IT Solutions

Help with Information Technology

There are many ways I can help with your IT problems. For the most part I specialise in using IT for Wildlife, Educational or Scientific purposes. I can help with the following packages. Contact me by email or telephone 01263713198 if you need help.

Photoshop. Help with image manipulation, layers, printing etc. Learn how to deal with Raw Images, especially problems with new cameras whose Raw images are not compatible with your version of Photoshop
Pinnacle Studio's video capture and editing program. I have a lot of experience with this and can help you capture and edit movies, add soundtracks and then finally make your own DVD's
PASS is WCBS's school administration software. I have more than 6 years experience with this and can help with advice over running much of it's content. I specialise in ODBC and Report Builder.
ExCel. Learn how to create fabulous tables and graphs and to analyse data. 15 years experience of helping students use it to complete A level Biology and Geography projects
PowerPoint. Produce good quality presentations with animations,images, embedded video and sound. !5 years experience developing PowerPoint resources.
I can write relatively simple Access databases, such as ones for bird and moth recording. Queries and reports in other Access Databases can be dealt with too.
Word. Improve your use of this package to include mail merge, pictures, charts, tables and much more. Generally improve the presentation of your documents!