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Guided Walks

Welcome to Guided Walks designed with just you in mind! The following is a guide to what you might expect to see in Norfolk over the year. Whatever your interest, if you want help to find it in Norfolk then get in contact. The trips are entirely designed by your requirements and interests. I am not a specialist in any area of, but I do have a wide knowledge of Natural History and can be helpful and informative about most things. I have been exploring Norfolk for 35 years so I know what there is to find and where to find it. I hope the website gives an impression of that width of expertise. Please note we are not just about birds, although they are bound to figure heavily in what we offer. I am particularly keen to give my clients:-

  • help to try and find exactly what they want in Norfolk, however obscure that may be!

  • a good idea of the overall ecology of the habitats they visit

Please get in contact by phone (01263 713198) or email telling me of your requirements. I am sure I can put together a package to help you get the most out of this wonderful county.

My rates are £50 per half day which includes my travel expenses. This gives you exclusive use of me throughout that period. If you want to bring a party that is fine, the cost is the same, but remember the smaller the group the better will be your experience. I do not intend to double book groups and then only by negotiation. Since the rate is fixed the individual cost would go down however, since my rate is the same whatever the number of clients. I would ask that a £10 deposit be made in advance of the walk.

I will meet you at the first site and accompany you for the session. Obviously it is up to you to bring whatever you need such as lunch, waterproofs and equipment. We can discuss this when you book.

Click on the relevant month to see some of the things that possible to see.