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Dave Horsley

This site is run by me, Dr Dave Horsley, former Head of Biology at Gresham’s School in Norfolk. I have a PhD in Evolutionary Genetics. The idea behind this site is to allow me to pursue my interests in wildlife education and photography.

As a keen naturalist and photographer I have always tried hard to bring as much wildlife into my biology teaching. At last I can do the reverse. Free from the constraints of the National Curriculum, I can devote my ‘teaching’ to largely wildlife with just a little explanation of the fascinating science that lies behind it. I live in North Norfolk, a naturalist’s paradise year round. However I do travel beyond the county boundaries to find interesting subjects in the natural world that do not visit Norfolk. This, and a passion for Wildlife Photography and more recently videography, have provided me with material for a large range of talks or lectures. My interests are wide and I would describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades naturalist and master of none. My talks reflect this wide range of interests. I give many talks locally in Norfolk, and I lecture on cruise ships.

i do not charge fees for my services, but I ask for a donation towards the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


Dave Horsley on Discovery
Filming raptors in the Pyrenees Photographing Great Shearwaters on board 'Discovery'