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Lectures on South America

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Black-browed Albatross Falkland Is

Wildlife of the Falkland Islands

Penguins and seals are the main characters but the show also features most of the birds to be found on these wonderful islands


Gentoo Penguins
Settlement on Bleaker Island Falklands

Life in the Falkland Islands after the Conflict

What it was like in the years just after the war with Argentina

Saunders Island Settlement Falkland Islands

Coastal Argentina and Tierra del Fuego

trips to the Antarctic can be added to with stops in Buenos Aires and Ushuia. A wide range of birds and other wildlife can be seen and also in Tierra del Fuego some magnificent scenary


Masked Gnatcatcher

An introduction to South American Birding

Neotropical birds can be confusing to European birders who have never experienced them before. The lecture tries to simplify the myriad of groups and focuses on the key identification points to enable the interested novice to get started


Masked Water Tyrant
Sacsayhuaman - Cusco

The Land of the Incas - Culture and Wildlife

Cultural and historical view of the Cusco and Machu Picchu area and its accompanying wildlife.


Andean Cock of the Rock
Galapagos Flightless Cormorant

The Galapagos

An illustrated account of the wonderful wildlife of these enchanted islands. We shall look at Darwin's visit and discuss why these islands are so special.

Marine Iguana
Peruvian Booby

Seabirds of the Western Seaboard of South America

The Humbolt current is the clue to the immense biodiversity in this region with more than enough species to easily fill this lecture

White-chinned Petrel
Oasis Hummingbird

Birds of the Coastal Region of Chile, Peru and Ecuador

More South American birds from the extremely dry Atacama Desert to the Jungles of Ecuador

Pale-legged Honero