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Lectures on Specific Groups

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Puffin in flight


A choice, appropriate to the lecture location, e.g. North Atlantic, Mid Atlantic, South Atlantic. Identification and aspects of the fascinating biology of these long-lived birds

Red-footed Booby - dark phase

Lots to Grouse about!

The story of 6 European species of Grouse. A mixture of fascinating biology, environmentalism and politics


Getting to grips with Waders

Can you tell the difference between these two species? This lecture aims to help identification of species in this group and reveals something of their biology

Spotted Redshank Cley autumn

Britains Top 40

The BTO's top 40 birds from their Garden Bird survey. We will do them in reverse order!

Chinstrap Penguin

Spending time with penguins

Penguins (7 species) are fascinating creatures and a visit to a rookery provides a great insight to their amazing lives. You also bump into other creatures on your visit......

Gentoo Penguin
Humpback whale Iceland with Kittiwaks

Whales and Dolphins

Cetacean biology, evolution, feeding, diving physiology, sonar. Identification of important species appropriate to the lecture location.

Common Dolphin off Skye
Man Orchid

A Fascination with Orchids

European Orchid biology and folklore

Monkey Orchid
Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Dragons and Damsels

Dragonflies are descended from some of the earliest insects to evolve. A review of the life history and ecology of some British species

Agrion splendens larva
Long-winged Conehead

Getting to grips with the Orthopterans (Crickets and Grasshoppers)

Biology, identification, and a sound guide to their songs

Can be a one day workshop

Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulis
Adonis blue male

Papilionids to Satyrids - a celebration of European Butterflies

Just that!

High brown fritillary mating
Ambyteles armatorus - ichneumon fly

Take a Closer Look at Insects

A chance to look at the wonderful range of insect orders. This lecture can have a Norfolk, British or European theme and will also cover aspects of the amazing life histories of these organisms

Scorpion Fly male
Chalkhill Blue Adult Male

The Rebirth of the Blues

Britain's Blue butterflies have had some hard times, but many are doing well with improved conservation techniques which are the result of understanding the complex ecology of these species, in particular their relationship with ants. The lecture explores this using examples from Norfolk and Somerset.

Chalkhill Blue Larva
Arion ater

Creepy Crawlies

A lecture for garden societies which looks at a range of invertebrates found in gardens. Find out which are benefical and which are a nuisance. A few myths exploded!

Garden Spider
Cyanea capillata

Who's Who in the Invertebrates

Invertebrate Zoology is absolutely fascinating as this talk will proove. How did life progress from simple cells to complex organisms. What were the main steps and what drove them to occur. Take a look at locomotion in this diverse group. Where did vertebrates come from... and so much more

Edible Sea Urchin