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Lectures on the Caribbean

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Snowy Egret

Birding in the Caribbean

The origins of the Caribbean Bird fauna and their major habitats. Some lovely and fascinating endemics. A generalised talk on the whole area


Eared Dove

Birding in the Caribbean -what to see ashore

A guide to the commoner species (and some rarer endemics) which are teadily encountered on a visit to the Islands. Can be have a bias to the Greater Antilles or the Lesser Antilles (or both

Black-faced Grassquit
Brown Pelican

Birding in the Caribbean - sea and coastal communities

A look at the sea and shore birds of the Caribbean

Brown Booby

The Antilles - another Galapagos?

Speciation on islands is a fascinating topic and the Antillean island chain connecting North and South America adds just an extra bit of interest to this topic. There are a phenominal number of endemics as well.