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David Horsley

Wildlife Lectures & Photography

Lectures on British Habitats

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Herb Paris in a Norfolk wood

If you go down to the woods today….

Wildlife and management of Britain’s’ deciduous woodlands, the most diverse habitat in the UK
lily of the Valley Swanton Novers
Male Snow Bunting Nuuk Greenland

Midnight Sun and Norfolk Winter

Arctic wildlife which spend some time in Norfolk. Why do they make this huge journey?
Purple Sandpiper
Chalk Grassland Kent

The wonders of chalk and limestone grassland

Mostly flowers and butterflies of this rich habitat

Early spider orchid
Hunstanton lighthouse from Holme Norfolk

Wild about Norfolk

A celebration of the biodiversity of this spectacular county

Swallowtail larva
Cross-leaved heath - erica tetralix

Heathland Wildlife or Wildlife of the North Norfolk Heaths

The origins of heaths, the adaptations of the heathland plant community, the fascinating assemblage of animals to be found on heaths – reptiles, birds, and insects.

pingo Thompson Common showing succession

Freshwater Habitats and Wetlands

Review of the wildlife of these habitats and what needs to be done to conserve them

Souther Hawker head
N Uist Hebrides

The Hebrides – Scotland’s Galapagos?

Island field mice and voles provide evidence for evolution. Understanding the species concept and speciation. Other wildlife, including waders of the Machair

Hebridean Marsh Orchid Uist
Callanish Standing stones Lewis

Stone Circles, Black Houses and Brochs.

Human settlement and history on the Scottish islands.

Broch on Lewis
Succession on a rocky shore Carna Loch Sunart

Wildlife of the Coastal Fringe

Review of some of the less familiar organisms that inhabit coastal areas, followed by a selection of vertebrate species appropriate to the location of the lecture. E.g. Sand Dunes, Rocky shore, mangroves

Channel Wrack Pelvetia
Glen Affric

Pine Forests - Britain's Taiga

The Caledonian Pine forest of Scotland is Britain's only example of the Taiga- the vast coniferous forest belt of the Northern Hemisphere. A distinctive and fascinating flora and fauna lives here. Britain's other pine forests, planted by man, are not so diverse, some have had a devastating environmental impact, but others have provided refuges for taiga species outside their normal range.

Crested Tit

Wildlife in Upland Britain

Whilst not as diverse and exciting as other alpine areas of Europe, Britains uplands have a surprisingly interesting flora and fauna.

False Sedge
Heraceous border Mount Usher Gardens Ireland

Wildlife In Your Garden – how green are you?

A wide range of species which can be found in the garden are shown and simple things that can be done to encourage more are discussed.

Eristalis tenax courtship