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Lectures on Biological Topics related to Wildlife

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Mid-banded Yellow Cepaea nemoralis

Natural Selection

Darwin’s key idea explained with examples from the natural world

Peppered Moth - Biston betularia light morph
Polish variet of Mute swan cygnet

The Case of the Polish Swan

This lecture explains why there is only one white cygnet in this swan family. Genetics demystified and the life of its discoverer - Gregor Mendel

mendelian segregation in maize cross
Crabro cribarius a digger wasp which stocks larders with flies

Living Together in the Natural World

An exploration of the fascinating interrelationships between species which collectively are called symbioses

Sand Dune Lichens Burnham-Holkkam Dunes Norfolk
Anther section

How Plants Work

Botany made easy and answers to everything you wanted to know about plants but were afraid to ask!

Buttercup root section showing stele and endodermis

Sex on the Beach and other cock tales

Using the idea of cocktail names to give a tongue in cheek look biological significance of sex in the natural world and some of the more bizarre ways it happens. Quite good as an after dinner event!

Attempted copulation between Common ftog and Common Toad
Spartina anglica

The Origin of Species

Darwin new little of the process of speciation, and as a topic it featured little in the 'Origin of Species'. In this talk we shall look at the modern concept of the species and the process of speciation. Find out what Darwin's Finches really tell us as well as a large number of other interesting examples from the natural world

Cactus Finch