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David Horsley

Wildlife Lectures & Photography

Lectures on the Antarctic, Falklands and Subantarctic Islands

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Black-browed Albatross Falkland Is

Wildlife of the Falkland Islands

Penguins and seals are the main characters but the show also features most of the birds to be found on these wonderful islands


Gentoo Penguins
Settlement on Bleaker Island Falklands

Life in the Falkland Islands after the Conflict

What it was like in the years just after the war with Argentina and what is it like now?

Saunders Island Settlement Falkland Islands

South Georgia - an awesome place

The fascinating history, remarkable scenery and wonderful wildlife of this jewel in the Sub Antarctic


St andrews Bay and Cook Glacier
Orca in Weddel Sea

Wildlife and Scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Is.

Adelie and Chinstraps feature here along with a cast of whales which includes Orcas hunting amongst the iceflows.


Snow Petrel and Iceberg
Pintado or Cape Petrel

Seabirds of the Southern Ocean

From 6 species of Albatross through to the tiny Wilson's Petrel - there is such a magnificent array of species to be seen on a voyage through the roaring forties

Wilson's Petrel
Antarctic Fur Seal bull

Marine Mammals of the Southern Oceans

Seals, Fur Seals, Sea Lions and Elephant seals plus a wide range of Whales, plus the impact of whaling and sealing

Humpback breaching