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David Horsley

Wildlife Lectures & Photography

Longer Wildlife Courses

These courses are designed to run as 10 x 1.5 hr sessions. This can be modified to suit your requirements. There is scope for fieldwork sessions in each. These are at the moment offered to the WEA, but any organisation can book me to run one of these course. Please contact me for details and costs. I provide my own screen, projector,sound and laptop.

The course structure is based on the traditional PowerPoint lecture, but with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questioning. Students are encouraged to participate whenever possible and the arguments are developed by questioning of students as the theme progresses. The Lectures contain video, sound and photographs as well as charts and diagrams. Little background knowledge is assumed and beginners are most welcome. Students with some background knowledge will find there is plenty of material to extend them.

Click on the courses below to go to a page devoted to that course. Full details of the content and options for reading, links and quizzes will be found there.

If you want to see some feedback and reviews of courses, I have just set up a page for this

Day Courses

I can provide a day course on virtually any aspect of wildlife except Fungi. I would suggest this would include a presentation in the morning on the topic and then a field session after lunch. The content of these would be largely imposed by the location of the Centre - so that travel to wildlife sites would be at a minimum, and the time of year. The donation to NWT would be £120 for the day. Suggestions might be:

  • Wildlife of the Norfolk Heaths
  • The Norfolk Broads
  • Winter Birds in North Norfolk
  • The Dawn Chorus - an evening meeting followed by a very early morning session in the field the next day.
  • The Brecklands
  • Norfolk Orthoptera - Get to know your local grasshoppers, crickets etc.